Indigenous Entrepreneur 101 Training

Being an Indigenous woman entrepreneur in Canada is often not an easy path. Historical and gendered inequalities, and a lack of access to resources, education and training has made it difficult for Indigenous women entrepreneurs to participate in the economy and build financial security.

Let us help you build your entrepreneurial know-how & discover how to bring your ideas and entrepreneurial dreams to life. We share our personal experiences from building a brick-and-mortar retail store to pivoting to an e-commerce company and wholesale distributor. 

This early stage workshop is specifically for aspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs and early stage Indigenous founders who are looking for support to explore, build and launch a business.

Our interactive sessions assist you to build a foundation of knowledge and skills that will assist you to start your entrepreneurial journey. 

Let us inspire, motivate, and guide you through these six modules:

  • Beginning Your Startup Journey 
  • Identifying Your Product/Services’s Key Features that Set You Apart
  • How to Grow Your Business Resource Network 
  • Predicting Financial Feasibility
  • Introduction to Minority Procurement Certification
  • Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs: Navigating Distinct Challenges